14 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Now THAT is yellow! Great sign you found there. The sign couldn’t be missed and I guess that is the whole reason for the knock-your-eye-out yellow. 😀

    • I saw it at the stairs of Vatican Museum , Jackie.
      That yellow , as you rightly called , ” the knock- your- eye – out ” variety , was something none can ignore !
      And the significance of the place was also interesting !
      A warning for humanity , to ‘ mind our steps ‘ ?
      A sign of changing times ?

      Glad you liked the picture, Jackie .

      Thank you.


    • 🙂 ! Among all the sculptures and paintings in Vatican museum ,
      this sign with its background color of yellow stood out well !

      Thank you , John.


  2. G’day, Utham ! – here’s another version of me to drive you mad. {grin}
    I believe this is somewhere in those twisting stairs within the Vatican, yes ? – which means you’ve been there. As a lover of beauty would do. 🙂
    Especially as they stole so much of it from other buildings to provide a backdrop for the pope’s might …
    Ah well. Man is such a puny creature …

  3. 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! Yes, MR , exactly , in one of the stairs within the Vatican museum .
    In side there are innumerable art forms – sculptures , paintings , relief … you know , including those created by great Michaelangelo .
    I enjoyed them , but I thought this ‘ modern ‘ ‘ painting ‘ was definitely interesting !

    I had read a bit of the history before the visit ,
    So I certainly had some ideas about the not – so – cultured and
    not – so – civilized deals behind what we celebrate as the ‘ culture ‘ and ‘ civilization ‘.
    I know the so called ‘ Great ‘ men , most often had dark muddy past and feet of clay !

    I do agree with you . Man is a puny creature…

    Thank you , MR


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