colorful joy !


Colorful joy !

14 thoughts on “Colorful joy !

  1. It’s a super array of colours, Utham ! 🙂 Our national TV network, the ABC, shows a scene like this as a station ident, from time to time; and I always wonder what’s going on. Care to elucidate a bit (please !) ?

  2. It ia an Indian dance performance , M R .

    In northern part of India , there is a state called Punjab. The people there are are , generally , industrious. They work hard . After work , they enjoy life very much . In work or enjoyment , they give 100% . They were colorful dresses , celebrate festivals , sing , dance …

    I can’t understand their laguage ( in India , there are more than 100 languages ! ) , I don’t know anything on music . But , still , I like to hear their rhythms , like to see their – Punjabi – dance movements . They are always pleasant . They radiate happiness ! Extra ordinary people !

    Thank you, MR.


    • It is a folk dance from a part of India . Full of energy and joy . And colors !
      It rejuvinates the viewer . Please check for ” Bhangra dance ” on You Tube .

      Glad you enjoyed the image.
      Thank you.


    • Not only the outfit , the movements and the music too are great !
      It is a ” Bhangra dance ” from India.
      Enjoyable performance , White !

      Thank you


  3. That looks like one fine play, although, I am not sure which one. That must have been great fun for the audience, especially with the actors wearing such wide grins! You certainly live well, Uthamz. 🙂

    • 🙂 ! It is a dance performance , Jackie . From India.
      It has fast movements in good rhythm , vibrant colors , some rejuvinating music.
      I can’t understand the language , but enjoyed the dance.
      They radiate happiness. Highly enjoyable !

      Look for ” Bhangra dance ” on You Tube .

      Thank you, Jackie .


    • You are right . There are certainly problems and deficits , but India is rich in culture , natural beauty and history.
      You just can’t fail to find inspiration in various aspects of life in India.
      I would like to suggest to keep India in your travel plans .You won’t regret it !

      Thank you.


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