Turkish Delight !

I met him in a Trade Fair .In a small , bright shop selling Turkish ice creams .

He was very much active and very much pleasant. He was entertaining little children with simple tricks using spoons and ice cream cones and selling ice creams . Few children bought ice creams , most of them did not . But even the children who walked away were in smiles . He was selling ice creamsΒ  , of course , but he was radiating happiness as well.

I bought an ice cream and asked him whether I could take his photograph – using gestures. The only common language we knew was the universal sign language ! It worked !!!

He readily agreed and asked his wife to pose with him !


His sincere smile may not be the most beautiful one in the world , but it hadΒ  certain charm. And the lady in traditional attire looked nice .

He was delighted to see his picture on the screen of the camera .

So was I .


14 thoughts on “Turkish Delight !

  1. The little comings-together that punctuate our lives are absolutely precious. Most of us don’t have your skill with a camera to record them; but I am so happy you have it, Utham, because it means we can share your joy.

    • Such small people , their small world , their small dreams , their little joys – very few people notice them , M R.
      I prefer them to the ” celebrities ” .
      I was really delighted to see his charming smile !
      I felt I should share our encounter.

      Thank you , MR


  2. That was lovely of him and the lady to allow you to take their picture. And it is equally kind of you to share this with all of us. πŸ™‚ ❀

    • πŸ™‚ ! One of those small lives that go unnoticed , Jackie !
      Still he was more happy than many millionaires !
      I thought the picture was worth sharing !

      Thank you so much !


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