A rainy day


A rainy day

21 thoughts on “A rainy day

  1. Rainy and wintry!ย Is it Lake District, UK by any chance?ย Dr.KAVITA RAJA

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    • No , Kavitha . In Black Forest in Germany .
      It was raining through out the day !

      The place is well known for the Cuckoo Clocks .

      Thank you.


    • In Germany , M R , in a place called ‘ Black Forest ‘ . I am not sure , what they call in German.
      It is a place well known for the original Cuckoo Clocks.

      It was raining through out the day when we were there.
      Even with dull , gloomy light , the lake looked beautiful .

      Thank you, M R.


  2. The picture is perfect, Uthamz. I can feel the chill and dampness from here. I see me with a nice hot cup of tea, a dish of scones and a good book, all wrapped in a thick warm blanket. Very nice; thank you for this lovely opportunity! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ ! We had only one day to be spent there – a place called ‘Black Forest’ in Germany
      ( I am sure they have a German name for it ).
      The place is popular for the original Cuckoo Clocks,.
      And it was raining through out the day. But , even in that bad weather , the lake was stunningly beautiful.
      We could not do much sight seeing , but could get a couple of good shots .

      Thank you , Jackie


      • I spent two years in Erlangen near Nuremburg in the early 1970s as a military wife. Some of my family have Cuckoo Clocks we sent them from there. The Black Forest and all of Germany was very beautiful at that time and I wouldn’t take anything for the experience.

        You are blessed to be able to travel and enjoy these sights. Thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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