Dubai @ night

12 thoughts on “Dubai @ night

    • You are right , Jackie , it must the glow of dreams
      – of millions toiling hard in that city.
      But , the city comes alive brilliantly as the sun goes down and
      the cityscapes at several places are great at night .

      Thank you, Jackie.


  1. A wonderful photo of a fairly dreadful society … The stories one reads of Dubai’s law and justice are enough to make the blood run cold.
    Be all that as it may, the fact is that you have taken a sublime shot, Utham.
    I’m SO SURPRISED !!! — not. [grin]

    • 🙂 ! I can certainly see your point of view .

      Before visiting the countries , I do read about them , from their history to ‘ what – to do ‘ – ‘what -to – see ” stuff.
      Then , just focus on the ‘ tourist ‘aspects . 🙂 !

      Thank you , M R .


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