Sky after the sunset

They say , never stop taking photographs as soon as the sun goes down .  I agree.

What I saw when I was walking away from the beach after the sunset in Kochi , India.


Sky after the sunset


15 thoughts on “Sky after the sunset

  1. The weather must be warmer there than here; the people are milling about, perhaps catching the last few rays. This is beautiful, Uthamz, as always. 🙂

    • Now it is winter time here . Not much cold .
      This picture was shot a couple of months back

      The weather , here , is , certainly , on the warmer side , Jackie.
      We have not seen snow , in this part of India , all these years .

      Thank you. 🙂 !


  2. I have exhausted my vocabulary on you, Utham ! – I have NEVER seen a frame you’ve shot that isn’t one to treasure. If only someone in your family had the time to spare to put together a book of your images – how wonderful that would be !

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