Waiting game


Waiting game

15 thoughts on “Waiting game

    • 🙂 ! Thank you , Alan !
      Peaceful looks are , as you know , deceptive .
      It is just a lull before the storm .
      When he sees his next meal , things will be different .

      Thanks again !


    • 🙂 ! “Friendly ” , of course , by the looks , MR !
      I have seen some videos and TV documentaries showing their ferocity .
      They turn cruelty personified , when the prey is in sight !
      Anyway , he stayed without movements for the shot .

      Thank you , MR .
      Thanks a lot !


  1. What a beautiful shot, Uthamz! This creature is holding still so as not to be seen, constantly on the lookout for the next meal. The colors are magnificent. 🙂

    • I should say I was lucky to get the shot , Jackie.
      Usually , they stay still , while ” sunbathing ” on land .
      And as you said , they are always on lookout for the ” meal ” and are active while in water.
      He remained still , so that I could get the settings right !

      Thank you , Jackie ! 🙂 !


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