1943 years and counting …

Colosseum . Rome.

The largest amphitheatre in the world .

A silent witness to time and history.

It has seen it all  – combats , races , gladiatorial games , animal killings ,dances , dramas , prayers, executions ,then , rise and fall of emperors and empires .

Now , partially ruined by earth quakes and stone-robbers !!!


1943 years and counting...


12 thoughts on “1943 years and counting …

    • 🙂 ! Behind all these glorified ” civilizations’ there are several factors which are uncivilized !
      That is what I learnt from reading a few history books. It may be wrong .
      But then , we have to believe the ‘ history ‘ which is prevalent today . And move on …

      Thank you , John !


  1. In Italy, that problematical country comprising many, many small fiefdoms and racked with internecine arguments, ruination happens everywhere: their priorities are not the same as ours. That we all continue to love it so much says more about its peoples’ charm than their historical care of their land, I think …

    • They have , in Italy, maintained the historical places well , MR .
      Roman empire and civilization had a long innings with all the usual ingredients of power .
      The streets of Rome still has memorials of the past glory .

      Thank you , MR .


    • Nice story , Jackie .I liked it. Katie must have felt happy and relieved as she could play piano after a long time.
      There are evidences of human kindness , in every place , even when there is so much of violence and bloodshed around us.
      People in Rome , when ever we interacted , were kind and gracious .
      And they maintain the things of the past well – with a good sense of history .

      Thank you .


  2. Do you know, the upright citizens of Rome used the marble in the Colosseum to tile their houses. Before the last piece was lifted, the then King had a bright idea. He implanted a large cross at the entrance and said, this is the site where a lot of Christians were martyred, hence very holy and those who steal from here will surely rot in hell! We can see the last pieces of marble on the steps of the Colosseum gallery. It is now being renovated by a textile magnate, because the Italian Govt. does not have the money.It was built on the ruins of a large statue of Nero . The statue was called Colossus because of its size. Nero was an ugly man, so you can imagine what the citizens suffered when they had to see it every day. The moment Nero died, they smashed it and built this large stadium. However the citizens were by then too wealthy,lazy and bloodthirsty. They would recline lazily on the steps, the wealthiest on the marble steps and watch captives, slaves and christians being killed by wild beasts.There is a huge labyrinth of tunnels underneath. The captive would be brought into the labyrinth and pushed onto a a mechanical contraption, the lift(the first was invented for this purpose!). The lift rose up and he would suddenly appear in front of a hungry lion to the amusement of a roaring crowd.Courtsey: our guide in Rome Dr.KAVITA RAJA

    This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.

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