Something Interesting ?

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12 thoughts on “Something Interesting ?

  1. What a beautiful stork! The long bill is interesting, you can see such detail on it. The feathers are very clear… I wonder if this is a male or female. 🙂 Lovely catch, Uthamz.

    1. Thank you , Jackie ! The credit should go to the quality of the light .
      It was ideal for situation. And the bird was very much cooperative also.

      Thanks again ! 🙂 !


    1. I did not know what was keeping it interested , but there was definitely something , Nelson !
      And the light at that time , was simply superb !

      Thank you.


    1. The bird was cool and composed . And very much cooperative.
      The quality of the light ,too, helped.

      Thank you , Mike.


    1. The credit goes to the synergy of the light and the color of the bird , Alix.
      I was just lucky to be there at that time.

      Happy that you liked the picture.
      Thank you.


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