Preparations for a new day

Gondolas . Traditional rowing boats in Venice .

Interesting in its shape.  Rich in history. Every little detail has its own symbolism.


Preparations for a new day



13 thoughts on “Preparations for a new day

    • Venice is a different world altogether , Kellie.
      Certainly , will advice you to go on a short visit.
      Nice place – where modernity and old world charm co exists

      Thank you. 🙂 !


    • Thank you , Robin .
      Thank you very much !

      There are a lot of details on Gondolas – the guide and local people tell many stories .
      Like , the head of the gondola has a blade with six prongs – they represent six ” sesteri” of Venice.
      Every small part of gondola has such a story ! Interesting stuff !

      Thanks again !


  1. Oh wow, Uthamz, I never expected this. What a lovely picture… the colors are amazing and I love the angle!

    • Venice is a totally different place , Jackie !
      Colors , masks , Gondolas , canals , statues … they take you to a different world.
      History and symbolism bubbling in every thing.
      I enjoyed the few hours we spent there.

      Thank you.
      Happy that you liked the image.:) !


    • When I looked through the view finder , all the primary colors were coexisting in good harmony.
      I thought I should not miss the picture.

      Thank you , Colline .
      Thanks a lot !. 🙂 !


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