On a hot day


On a hot day

9 thoughts on “On a hot day

  1. Read Stud Turkel’s book title “Working”. He interviews people from homemakers to Presidents of banks around the world about their careers. One woman said, “I’m just a house-wife.” After listed her many responsibilities , she discovered she was more than a house wife. Her husband and child depended on her diligence. With all said, this is more than “just” a hobby. You capture moving shots.

    • 🙂 ! Thank you , Monique , for the kind words. I am glad you liked the images .

      In fact , I try to improve every time ,but I know have got a long way to go. Thanks again


    • I think it is normal , Kim . Asian elephants , seen in India , sometimes have color patterns like this.
      Of course , I am not an expert. But I have seen many like this.

      Thank you .


    • It was shot in Guruvayoor , Priya .
      It IS a Guruvayoor Annai
      They have a place to keep and feed all the elephants near the temple – Anna KKottai.

      I went there to shoot this picture.

      Thank you.


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