Raw Satisfaction !


Raw Satisfaction !

32 thoughts on “Raw Satisfaction !

    • I felt it disgusting when I saw it coming after eating fresh flesh .
      But I thought it made a good photo opportunity. Sorry , if it makes you sick !

      Thank you.


    • 🙂 ! All these guys are scary and a bit disgusting – especially with blood stains on their teeth !
      Sorry , if the pic puts you off !

      Thank you !


      • Thank you . Thanks a lot .

        I have been following Phil Lanoue for last couple of years . He is a much experienced photographer . And his shots have been an inspiration for me .
        Thanks again !


  1. Wow! I can never tell the difference between alligators, crocodiles, caymans or any of those large reptiles and I’ll learn because I’d never get THAT close to one. As a young child my parents took us to the alligator farm in St. Augustine (Florida) often. We saw them feed them, rub sand on their bellies to make them sleep, do tricks and stunts with them and it was scary. My father had a friend who was a Seminole and the family’s children as young as two played with the gators. I watched amazed as the toddler jumped on and over the gator’s back. Nope, not me! 😛

    • I too , can not differentiate them – though I spent a couple of years in my young days learning about animal world. 🙂 !
      But you seem to have a much richer experience – I have never seen such places like alligator farm .
      To know that young kids can get on gator’s back is amazing ! 🙂 !
      Thank you for sharing your experience .

      This guy was out straight after having fresh flesh. Thought it is a good photo opportunity , though a bit disgusting !

      Thank you , Jackie !


      • Uthamz, just to give you perspective this was in the late 1950s to early 1960s. We lived in Daytona, Florida and my dad was always exploring and he met many amazing people in his life, including the Seminole family that lived in the swamp. Those kids had to learn early how to survive in the swamps by swimming early and learning to deal with gators, snakes and other wild creatures. That was their natural habitat at that time but it would not surprise me if the children left as adults. Or at least that was how my father explained it. In these days with child protective services in the U.S. the way it is now they would have taken the children away from their parents.

        I never forgot those kids playing around those gators, though. I would have been terrified — and probably eaten by the gator. 🙂

  2. I”ve missed your posts in my reader, for some reason they don’t appear anymore. I just unfollowed and re-followed you, hopefully that will work. I’ve missed your posts!

    • Thank you sooooo much , Elisa , for following the blog again !
      I , too , have problems with the ‘ reader ‘ – for many of the blogs I follow do not appear in Reader at all.
      May be some ‘ hitch ‘ in the software.
      I just go the blogs and read .

      Thanks again ! 🙂 !


  3. That looks like one of our ‘salties’, Utham – saltwater crocs. What kind is it actually ?
    And how long was your lens ? [grin]

    • 🙂 ! I shot the pic in a zoo , MR .
      Of course , staying away at a safe distance and using a 300 mm zoom lens .
      There were three of them , but only this one was on the land and fully visible.
      You are right , must be saltwater type,as they are kept away from another variety of crocs.

      Thank you , MR.
      I am really delighted to see your comment. I am on short vacation . Will be back this weekend .


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