Misty morning @ Hills


Misty Morning @ Hills

38 thoughts on “Misty Morning @ Hills

    • Thank you , John.
      Not much post processing. It was shot in RAW .
      and only basic editing in Photoshop Elements.

      Thanks again. πŸ™‚ !


  1. Great image. Foreground, middle ground, background. All the perfect elements in balance. Love the red tree fruit as an accent.

    • Thank you , Janet .
      It was shot in a hill station in Southern part of India – Kodaikanal.
      Winter and dawn – is a beautiful combination there πŸ™‚ !

      Thanks again .


  2. This sight holds the spectrum of blues! I like how you have used the mist like an anonymous character. And when the sun hits – it will disappear! Where are these mountain peaks? They are gorgeous! Great job, Uthamz. πŸ™‚

    • In south India , there is a hill station named Kodaikanal , Jackie.
      It is a part of mountain range called Western Ghats .
      In winter season , it has beautiful mist , painting the hills blue .

      Glad you enjoyed the picture.
      Thank you.


  3. That is … quite extraordinary, Utham ! I have no idea how you managed it …
    It is utterly beautiful, and utterly clever as well !

    • In southern part of India, there is a beautiful hill station , MR . Its name is Kodaikanal.
      It is in a mountain range – Western Ghats – which is otherwise called Nilgiris – in local language , it means ” Blue Mountains ”
      In winter season , with beautiful mist , these hills live up to their name – with all varieties of blue.

      I was lucky to be there , during recent holidays.

      Thank you , MR .


    • A dawn in Winter season , Ruby. The mist painted the whole area blue.
      In a hill station surrounded by a beautiful mountain range…
      The red things are flowers .

      Thank you , Ruby.


  4. I came back to look at this again. I love this picture. I think it is unique. The shades of blue next to those mountains, and the distraction of the flowers……I believe the picture is worth seeing again, today.

  5. Like everything seen in an ecstatic state, it is beautiful and scary at the same time. An overwhelming beauty that can just sink deep into you and ravage you. It is how I see this image.

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