Earth smiles in flowers !

With due apologies to Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote ” Earth laughs in flowers… ”






25 thoughts on “Earth smiles in flowers !

    • The light of the evening ‘ Golden Hour ‘ , was superb , MR .
      That saved the pictures.
      I am happy that you enjoyed them

      Thank you so much.


  1. Then the earth is smiling all over the place! These are beautiful, Uthamz, a smile and wink beautiful.

    • Flowers are the perfect antidote for the sadness and depressing thoughts , Jackie .
      Really, they seem to radiate happiness all around , don’t they ?

      Thank you.
      Have a nice day !


  2. I have just discovered your blog and, being passionate about photography and poetry, I see both here.
    My favourites are the first and the last one: a bright smile, taking everything over and shining above and beyond and everywhere, the first one, and a delicate, discreet, shy but tender smile, like the moon hiding behind fluffy clouds, the last one.

    • Thank you very much , Catelina .
      Glad you liked the images .
      And your beautifully poetic comment was a pleasure to read.

      Thanks again.


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