Down , but certainly not out !


Down , but certainly , not out !

18 thoughts on “Down , but certainly , not out !

  1. I read recently that in China Siberian Tigers were being raised domestically for consumption. Is that the same as raising cattle for consumption? Not to me. I think that is very sad.

  2. Such a regal face and yet he looks so sad. I think about these grand tigers and the elephants and rhinos and such and feel sad myself that they suffer so at the hands of humans. But it is good to think, isn’t it? Uthamz, you have captured volumes in this photograph. Thank you.

    • Tiger is always majestic , Jackie – in every aspect . It is a joy to watch them .
      Of course , they are born to roam free . It is sad to see them in captivity .
      Their natural aggression fades slowly and then they are not what they are supposed to be.
      But , still , the elements remain !

      Thank you , Jackie .
      Thanks a lot !


    • Wow ! Great to see dear ‘ Fisheye ‘ , again , after a looooooong time !
      Hope you are fine .
      I am staying with Canon. Got a Canon 100-400 lens recently.
      Thank you , dear ! Happy clicking with Nikon !

      Stay in touch , please.
      Regards to your son !


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