The Caged Tiger – The other face !

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In deep thoughts





Will you help me ?


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9 thoughts on “The Caged Tiger – The other face !

  1. “Will you help me” is exactly what this tiger is saying. How sad to live in a cage for any animal. I got a parakeet on March 3 of this year and I let him roam free and I never clipped his wings. Other than playing with his toys, do you know where he wants to be? He comes to land on my finger or to light on my glasses. I only put him up if I have to open the front door or to go to bed at night. I feel for this sad caged tiger.

    1. Well done , Jackie ! The birds and animals , like humans , are born to be free .
      Denying them the freedom is certainly not right . I spent a couple of hours with this tiger .
      Seeing its expressions in captivity made me sad.

      Thank you , Jackie.


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