And , then it jumped … .3


16 thoughts on “And , then it jumped …

    • Thank you , Sanjeet !
      It is difficult to photograph these little birds. They don’t sit still not even for a second.
      I used high shutter speed to get it.

      Thanks again !


  1. How precious is this dainty little bird! I like this image; it has a minimalist quality about it. The sky has a greenish tint that I find very calming and restful. That was indeed a good catch, Uthamz.

    • Thank you , Jackie , for the kind words.

      This little bird , in fact , fooled me. I was waiting , anticipating that t it will spread its wings and fly upwards.
      It did just the opposite – without spreading the wings it just jumped down . 🙂 !

      I think the white balance was not the right one , for the sky. But the effect was not bad , so I kept it.

      Thanks again .


    • Thank you , Mohammed !

      Sorry to hear that you lost the camera and the lenses. 😦 !
      When did it happen ? The first DSLR is always something of nostalgic value.
      Sad that you lost it.

      I read about Nikon 7200. Great reviews !
      Seems much advanced than the Canon 550 you had.
      You may be able to do much better with this one ! Go ahead ! All the very best !


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