watercolors !

20 thoughts on “watercolors !

  1. This is beautiful! The water is almost as smooth as glass! These boats carry commuters or tourists? I know I could certainly travel about and enjoy the scenery there.

    How blessed are you, Uthamz, to be in such lovely places as these. Thank you for these beautiful, calming images!

    • It is not far away from my place , Jackie ! In India , in a state called Kerala .
      Nature has been kind to us – lakes , hills , rivers, forests all !
      The boats carry tourists from other places – for fun rides !
      Come , some day and spend a few days . I am sure you will enjoy it !

      This was shot in March , in a unusually beautiful morning .
      i was just lucky to be there on the day.

      I am glad you enjoyed the image .
      Thank you very much !


  2. It looks like an image caught in the corner of one’s eyes, an image which is there for real, yet seems fragile and almost dreamy, ready to dissipate into the next moment, into the night.
    I enjoyed contemplating it.

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