A ‘ Rainbow’ Dawn

Kodaikanal is a hill station in Southern part of India . It is quite popular as a retreat and a tourist destination .

About 2000 meters ( 6500 feet ) above sea level , in Palani Hills , it attracts tourists through out the year.There are many view points from where you can enjoy the abundance of beauty of nature . Cocker’s walk is one of them. It is a walkway along the edge of hill , from where you can see far away towns and villages , if the view is clear. Watching sunrise from this place is an unforgettable experience.  One morning , from Cocker’s walk , I shot a series of pictures from the very beginning of sunrise  . This shot with warm colors of sun  on one side with cool colors of still persisting mist on the other was , perhaps , the one I liked most.

A rainbow sunrise




26 thoughts on “A ‘ Rainbow’ Dawn

  1. This must be heaven! Look at those mauves, blues and oranges! The mist adds to the ambiance of anyone lucky enough to perch nearby. This is truly beautiful, Uthamz. Just beautiful.

    • Watching the entire phenomenon of sunrise , was one of the most unforgettable experience.
      The play of colors of nature was a real visual treat.
      It is a beautiful world , no doubt !
      Hope it will always stay so.

      Thank you , Jackie ! 🙂 !


    • It was a series of photos – from initial total darkness to complete sunrise.
      In a single day , Most them have been good but I liked this one the most.

      Thank you , Ruchi .


  2. Good Morning Utham, once you sent me your email address and for the life of me I could not find it now. I just wanted to thank your for liking my blog posts. What a nice surprise when I got up this morning to see my blog doing so well. Thank You Utham. I am hoping to get out and about and take some more photographs here soon. Your are absolutely amazing! “A Rainbow Dawn” is so beautiful, you are such a fantastic photographer Utham! 🙂

    • Mitchell , Thank you so much for the mail. You have been extremely kind. For last few months I have been a bit busy @ work , so viewing and reading other blogs have taken a beating. Even posting pictures in my blog has become much less. I have a lot to catch up. I am sorry that I have been infrequent to your blog too. Whenever I have some time I will certainly visit and read . Keep going !
      Enjoy !

      • Utham, I will admit to growing kind of concerned for you, as you had not posted like you had been posting. Good to know you are alright and have just been busy. 🙂
        Thanks for your kind reply! 🙂

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