Royal Yawn !

18 thoughts on “Royal Yawn !

    • 🙂 ! This lion was sleeping till noon , Mitchell ! Must be , as you said , with full stomach !
      We waited for long time to see him waking up ! Royal nap and then , on waking up , a royal yawn ! 🙂 !

      Thank you.


    • 🙂 ! The wide and bid mouth with all those sharp teeth was beautiful sight , Kate !
      Though we had to wait for nearly an hour , for him to wake up !

      Thanks a lot !


  1. Wow, what an image! A royal yawn indeed; he can yawn anywhere and anytime he feels like it. This is one creature that will stick in my mind for quite sometime. Uthamz, you outdid yourself on this one. This is a great picture.

    • I always thought , the male lion with its huge body and awesome mane to be a majestic animal , Jackie !
      It is for the first time I saw it in its own environment . And we waited for nearly an hour in the vehicle, for him to wake up.
      The big and wide yawn was worth the wait !
      Glad I could get it without any blur . 🙂 !

      Thank you , Jackie , for the kind words.


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