This world looks funny !


This world looks funny !

10 thoughts on “This world looks funny !

    • Among the huge , gigantic adults , this little one grabbed my attention .
      It was keeping the pace with others but was playful all the time .

      Thank you , Mike !


    • I have not seen such a young calf before , Janet !
      Liked its unsteady gait with little feet.
      It was cheerfully moving with the adults !

      Thank you.


  1. How sweet is this baby! You know, Uthamz, next to people and chimps, elephants exhibit the most loving, caring behaviors. This gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to start my Saturday. I hope you are enjoying your day. 🙂

    • Oh , I did not know that, Jackie. E
      I know, the elephants have strong family connections and protect their calves fiercely .
      This one , our guide said , may be less than a week old. May be , I am not sure.
      It was playful while keeping pace with the adults . Liked it much.

      Thank you , Jackie !
      Have a nice weekend !


    • Quite young , it must be .
      They said , less than a week . I am not sure.
      Anyway , this little one was radiating happiness all around !

      Thank you so much !


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