Where’ve all the gazelles gone ?

13 thoughts on “Where’ve all the gazelles gone ?

  1. This cheetah group is gorgeous! And it truly does look as if they are wondering out loud about their next meal. You certainly find the perfect spot to get great images, Uthamz. 🙂

    • They were REALLY looking our for a kill , Jackie . Within half an hour , they found one gazelle , chased it and killed it.
      I was lucky to the whole sequence of events .

      Amazing are the ways of nature !

      Thank you , Jackie.
      Sorry for the delay in response.


    • 🙂 ! Quite far away , Sid. Used a 600 mm zoom lens , from a safari vehicle , parked far away. They were , actually , looking out for the gazelles. And in another half an hour , they found and killed one ! Luckily, I could get some shots of the entire activity .
      Glad you liked the image.


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