Tender moments in the wild


Tender moments in the wild

17 thoughts on “Tender moments in the wild

    • 🙂 ! It is a pleasure to read your words among the comments , MR . Always so.
      I can’t say about the talent , but I hope , I will always love living things !

      Thank you for the kind words ., MR. Thanks a lot !

      Have a nice day !


  1. I do believe you summed up motherhood in one amazing photograph: Protection and nurturing. This is beautiful in more ways than one. Thank you, Uthamz, for sharing this glimpse into nature. ❤

    • I was sad when I saw the insecurity in the mother’s eyes , even when it was feeding the baby .
      It shows how dangerous and insecure their life is.
      Every day , for them , is a gift . A bonus !
      Life in the wild is a life of freedom as well as danger . Awesome phenomenon !

      Thank you , Jackie !


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