A Friendly Tussle


A Friendly Tussle

9 thoughts on “A Friendly Tussle

    • May be their interaction to improve their relationship with in the group.
      May their training for the real fights with the enemy , if the need comes.
      I saw them doing so occasionally , after feeding for some time !
      Nature is awesome !

      Thank you , M R.


  1. These elephants are among my favorite creatures. They are social to the bone; they live in families and are similar to human communities. I believe, though, that humans could learn from them. When a member of the group dies, they all mourn and in years to come, they still remember the bones when they see them again. This “tussle” is beautiful; it is how they strengthen their bonds. By the way, Uthamz, monochrome is one of my favorite image styles. This makes my day! ❤

    • Interesting !!!
      I did not know these things , though I knew elephants are lovable animals .
      The way they have organised their social life seems to be amazing.
      I saw them doing similar ‘ exercises ‘ frequently – as you said , to strengthen their bonds.
      I have few more pictures of elephants in various actions.

      It was noon time and the light was very much harsh. I had no other choice but to shoot in that light.
      The picture had high contrast and prominent shadows – thought mono will be ideal .
      I am glad you liked it , Jackie !

      Thank you.


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