Rest @ evening

14 thoughts on “Rest @ evening

    • 🙂 ! One new fact I learned during the safari is that it is the lionesses that do most of the hunting .
      And then , they let the cubs and lion to eat most of it .
      It is really hard work and great sacrifice , isn’t it ? 🙂 !

      This evening was cool with golden light of the setting sun !
      May be they were getting ready for the hunt at night !

      Thank you , MR !


    • May be , they are getting ready for the hunt at night !
      May be they had a heavy lunch .
      Anyway , they were relaxing peacefully !

      Thank you , Kate !


  1. Relaxing without a care in the world. They look so limber there, and I guess they would have to be to be able to hunt and scavenge the means to stay alive. In this image, it makes me wonder, though, if someone in the group is ‘appointed’ to keep watch. This is beautiful, Uthamz. 🙂

    • The lions are so confident about their power that they just don’t care about any other animals.
      They , really , rule ! 🙂 !
      The only time , I saw them ,leaving their place was when a large herd of elephants were coming their way .

      You are right , one of them may be alert always . A precaution for safety !

      Thank you , Jackie !
      Glad you liked the picture.


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