A Lilac- Breasted Roller

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A lilac breasted roller


22 thoughts on “A Lilac- Breasted Roller

    1. A colorful bird, but quite active as well.
      Never sits still , for even a second.
      After several failed attempts , I could get a picture !

      Thank you , Mae !


  1. How beautiful! I never heard of a Lilac-Breasted Roller; this is new to me. You are a lucky photographer, Uthamz, to catch this little fellow in a frame. Thank you for sharing this with us. 🙂

    1. I , too , have never heard of it before. 🙂 !
      But , it is the national bird of Kenya , Jackie !
      I think , they made a wise choice .

      I saw it in many places there . Quite active bird , difficult to photograph.
      After several failed attempts and disappointments , at laaaast , I got a picture !

      Thank you , Jackie !


    1. 🙂 ! Exactly , Asha !
      It looked as if colors were splashed on the bird in a ‘ Holi ‘ celebration !
      It is the national bird of Kenya ,of the same status as our Peacock ! 🙂 !

      Thank you.


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