A Black Headed Weaver


A Black- Headed Weaver Bird

12 thoughts on “A Black- Headed Weaver Bird

    • 🙂 ! It was certainly cute , but very much active and restless.
      I had a tough time to get a blur -free picture.

      Thank you, Sheila !


  1. This little fellow is adorable with his chest puffed out there. I was looking at the thorny limb it is on and wondered if there were any leaves or berries on it? I’ll say, you certainly find the most colorful birds where you are, Uthamz. Most of ours are brown or gray. 🙂

    • May be they are building nests on trees with thorns for protection . Not sure.
      But this tree has few leaves and lots of thorns.
      And these cute birds were restless and quite noisy .
      I had difficulty in focusing correctly and getting a picture without blur .

      In Kenya , I found a lots of colorful birds .
      The diversity of animals and birds is awesome !

      Thank you , Jackie !


  2. 🙂 ! You are double right , MR ! 🙂 !
    It is a combination of both – Relatively small bird and relatively large thorns !
    May be for safety – these birds choose thorny trees to build nests .
    The color of the bird was grabbing attention !

    Thank you , MR


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