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  1. So BEAUTIFUL !!! I have certainly seen one of your stunning leopard shots before, Utham – but whether or not it’s this one, I neither know nor care ! 🙂

    • 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! Thank you , MR !

      This one – African Leopard – is in its original home ground – in Africa,
      – my first leopard sighting during the Safari .
      I have few more shots . Have to edit them.

      I have posted pictures of leopard before , but they were Indian leopards.
      Don’t know the differences. Like you , I , too , don’t care .
      Leopards, any day , anywhere , are majestic .

      Thanks again !


    • 🙂 ! There are a few more left , Cindy !
      They are killed frequently !!!
      These majestic creatures are on the list of impending extinction ! Sad !

      Thank you .


    • It was sleeping on a tree.
      It woke up and climbed down and rested there, when we could take some pictures !
      That look says it all !

      Thank you .


  2. Look at this fellow; his eyes say he is about to nap but the ears are on alert and his whiskers taste the air. He’s a powerful creature but for now he’s planning 40 winks. Good catch, Uthamz!

    • 🙂 ! It was sleeping on a tree , Jackie. We saw him but could not get any pictures.
      Then it climbed down and was resting on the ground.
      Now , it has to get some food.
      May be , it is in a dilemma – with sleepy eyes and hungry stomach ! 🙂 !

      Thank you , Jackie !


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