On Alert !

7 thoughts on “On Alert !

    • You are right , MR , it was flight !

      Their ability to ‘ smell ‘ danger is amazing.
      We could not spot any animal in the vicinity , but these zebras were on alert.
      We were wondering why ! Suddenly ,they ran away from the place .

      Then, within minutes , we spotted a leopard , stalking through the tall grasses in their direction.
      But , zebras, it appeared , were at a safe distance .

      Thank you , MR


  1. Watch the tails and ears; they certainly are on guard for danger. These are a wonderful, tightly bound group. Zebras are one creature that I particularly loved as a child, especially after learning of the newborn’s imprinting to the mother.

    How blessed you are to behold these and kind to share them with us. ❤

    Be safe in your travels!

    • We had binoculars , but could not see any other animal anywhere in the vicinity .
      We were wondering why they are on alert !
      There was gentle breeze at that time. May be they could ” smell ” danger .Suddenly , they ran away from the place.
      Within minutes , we could spot a leopard stalking them through the the tall grass.
      Nature is just amazing !!!

      Zebras are lovely animals .
      I was lucky to get a few more nice pictures, including a young one. Shall post them.

      Thank you so much , Jackie !


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