Take - off !


Take – off !

18 thoughts on “Take – off !

  1. Wonderful shot of a not terribly elegant takeoff. But then, pelicans are renowned for this, aren’t they ?! – those huge bodies being dragged up into the air … it’s a wonder they can reach rotation at all ! 🙂

    • In fact , it is escaping from the boat we were riding , MR !
      But it is a pleasure to watch them , be it swimming or flying !
      Even with a big body and large wings , they manage to do everything with grace !

      Thank you , MR !


  2. Would you look at how effortless this fellow lifts off! Admiring this bird, makes me remember how so many people through history observed this humble creature in order to get ideas for flight. This is a great catch, Uthamz, you’ve done it again. 🙂

    • Pelicans are graceful in everything they do , Jackie ! It is a pleasure to watch them .
      This one was trying to escape from our boat .

      Thank you so much !


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