Rhino . 'White ' Rhino.


Rhino . ‘ White ‘ Rhino !

6 thoughts on “Rhino . ‘ White ‘ Rhino !

  1. Gosh ! – it IS !!! It must be in some kind of animal enclosure, because they don’t exist in the wild, any more …
    Fabulous shot, Utham !

    • They are still there in the wild , MR . I saw a few of them in Kenya and get a few shots.
      Sad truth is only very few are left now .
      Our guide , a naturalist , said they can feel the reduction in numbers in every season.
      God help rhinos !

      Thank you , MR.


  2. Massive. Gigantic. Powerful. And fragile. These are the last of a once proud creature. To know they are so few is very sad. The eyes look so pitiful and desperate. Viewing these examples, I am really happy you snapped these images, Uthamz.

    • Yes, that is the irony about the Rhinos . Powerful yet fragile.
      Can’t match the destructive capabilities of humans. A sad truth.
      Efforts are on to save them . But money rules .

      Hope the next generation can see them alive , at least in some small pockets !

      Thank you , Jackie.


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