A Class Apart in Innocence !

Maasai Children in Kenya . In a classroom.

Too young to think of their world or the world outside. I focused on their innocence !


A Class apart i Innocence !




17 thoughts on “A Class Apart in Innocence !

    • Thank you so much.
      Maasai are very much proud of their culture – which has a long history.
      But they are finding it difficult to resist the” cultural invasion “.
      These kids are , at present , are too young to feel the stress.
      Let them be happy always !

      Thanks again !


    • I am not quite sure whether it is a regular school or just an arrangement for the tourists .
      We did not have much time to spend with them.
      They seem to be nice people , living well in sync with nature.
      We just had a glimpse of an interesting society and their culture.
      All I could do was to wish them happiness , always !

      Thank you.


      • The photo was interesting to study. I saw different, facial, expressions on some of them. I come from the teacher, artist point of observation.

  1. Why do all the children have their heads shaved, Utham ? – something to do with horrid little crawling things ? Or just heat ?
    It is a very appealing shot !

    • A totally different culture , MR – with a long history and rich in traditions.
      And they are quite proud of their culture. They live in harmony with nature.
      But , reality forces them to make compromises.
      They are under stress as ” the cultural invasion ” creates strong moves !

      Maasai men have a clean shaven head or short hairs only.
      Must be a combination of factors – little bugs and horrible summer – keeps them with clean shaven heads.

      Have got few more shots. Not edited. Shall post soon
      Thank you , MR .


  2. These kids are adorable. They look full of inquisitiveness and ready to learn. I remember reading about the Maasai in National Geographic; they are both unique and proud people. The desks are cleverly made with a simple design – I love it! I love this post, Uthamz. 🙂 You have made my day. ❤

    • Maasai is perhaps one of the most popular cultures among the various tribe sin Africa,
      Traditions which appear to others as primitive , brutal and impractical , poverty , lack of exposure to the outside world … problems are plenty.

      These kids were in the school – some happy , some shy , some frightened , some in their own world .
      I was happy to see their innocent faces with variety of expressions .
      I wished them the very best .
      Hope they retain their happiness in the years to come.

      Thank you , Jackie !
      Glad you liked the image.


    • I visited Kenya for a week , Annette .
      Mainly to see wild animals.

      Then , one morning we visited a Masai village just to see their life .
      A remarkable group of people , I should say !
      They have a culture with long history and rich traditions.
      They live in close harmony with nature. Even today.
      And it shows in the eyes of their children !

      Thank you .


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