Yellow Billed Stork


Yellow Billed Stork

9 thoughts on “Yellow Billed Stork

  1. Wonderful shot ! (Oh, how unusual – not.) 🙂
    I love the framing and I love the bokeh and I LOVE the crane.
    You’re not half bad at this photography thing, you know, Utham. [grin]

    • 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! Thank you , MR !
      Thanks a lot !

      Usually , they are seen in groups.
      Here it was alone there in a vast area of land .
      Surprising !

      Thanks again !


  2. Look at those long legs and bill; this is a great shot of a handsome bird. I love the greens that reflect in the water until it fades to white. Simply beautiful, Uthamz.

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