Simple Grass in Savannah

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simple grass in Savannah


18 thoughts on “Simple Grass in Savannah

  1. Ah … there it is again, that beautiful gold … It’s the colour that introduced you to me, all that time back, Utham – a couple of gorgeous birds.
    I associate its warmth with you.

    1. Thank you , MR.
      Thanks a lot for the kind words.

      My apologies for the delay in response .
      A busy week at work . Sorry.
      I am sure you will understand.

      I can’t express my gratitude in words , fully , for the encouragement you have given me .
      All that I can say is I am grateful …


    1. I was waiting for wild animals, but , then , this beautifully backlit grass grabbed my attention !
      It was too irresistible !
      Thank you.


    1. No , Sheila. It was Savannah in Kenya.
      Went for a week to see wild life .

      Sorry for the delay in response .
      Have a nice weekend !


    1. Sorry for the delay in response , Jackie !
      While I was waiting for the wild animals in the grasslands, the light became golden , before sunset .
      The grass was backlit and looked nice.
      Glad you liked it.

      Thank you, Jackie .


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