Portrait of a Zebra


Portrait of a Zebra

20 thoughts on “Portrait of a Zebra

  1. Symmetry is almost perfect!Β Is it black and white or colour photo??Β  Dr.KAVITA RAJA

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    • It was shot in colour , Kavita , as usual.
      Then converted to B&W .
      But ,then , zebra , is naturally in B & W mode ! πŸ™‚ !

      Thank you .


    • In fact , it was so close that the zoom lens could not get its ears in the frame ! πŸ™‚ !
      And it was co operative in the photographing process , as well !

      Thank you so much !


  2. I love this image–there is a beauty in the simplicity of the lines and shapes. We immediately know that it is a zebra, but there is also a kind of abstract quality as well.

    • I do agree with you , Alix , that it is not perfect.
      In fact , I am happy that you pointed it out.

      When it came close , I had a telephoto lens only with me.
      It came so close that the ears were out of frame – even with no zoom.
      Then , I thought , it is not bad , though not perfect !

      Thank you , Alix . Thanks a lot !


  3. I love this zebra! What a beautifully marked face this one has! I like the closeup, it makes it zebra look intense. Great perspective, Uthamz. πŸ™‚

    • I was lucky that it came close , Jackie , and then it looked straight at me.
      They are usually shy and move away from humans.
      I love their monochrome nature and simple stripes .

      Thank you, Jackie .


    • πŸ™‚ ! You said it – Zebras are masters of monochrome !
      I shot it color , but what color will be there in a picture of zebra – other than B& W !
      Pioneers of photography must have got the idea of monochrome from zebra !

      Thank you , PB !
      Glad you liked the picture .


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