War Cry !


War Cry !

12 thoughts on “War Cry !

    • 🙂 ! He was angry with another huge male African elephant who challenged him ,MR !
      He does not even care to be aware of tiny ‘ creatures ‘ like me ! 🙂 !

      In fact , we were quite far away , the shot is using a 600 mm lens at maximum zoom.
      And we were in a Land Cruiser , ready to move away, if necessary !

      Thank you , MR !
      Thanks a lot !


  1. This one says, “Back off!” At that point you would turn to see my own trail of dust left in the still, summer air. I believe that most elephants are gentler creatures but it depends on the situation. Any animal in protection mode will raise up. Others might have reached their limit of people for the time being. Either way, this is a great catch, Uthanz. Well done.

    • You are right – this was only for self protection.
      This elephant was the head of a large group , Jackie.
      Another huge male elephant came their place and challenged him , while the group was peacefully grazing.
      This was his first response to the challenger.
      Then , a series of intimidating postures and even pushing each other , followed .
      At last , the take over bid failed and the challenger retreated – without much physical harm or bloodshed.

      Thank you , Jackie !


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