A Pelican

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A Pelican


9 thoughts on “A Pelican

  1. I reckon it’s quite amazing that a bird with so heavy an undercarriage can look so … elegant ! 🙂

      1. A strange bird , of course ! Very strange anatomy !
        Still it is full of elegance ! In whatever it does !!

        Thank you , Janet !


    1. I do agree with you , MR !
      Even with anatomy , similar to some cartoon characters with disproportionate body parts , it is a graceful bird !
      Be it swimming or flying !
      And a lovable one , too !

      Thank you , MR !


  2. This bird’s muscular wings and neck must get a work out carrying that beak. We have these on the coast of North Carolina, a place I spent summers. They are truly magnificent birds. Your image is simply stunning, Uthamz.

    1. The colours , the anatomy , the actions all make it an elegant bird !
      And quite photogenic as well.

      Thank you , Jackie !
      Thank you very much !


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