Grooming session !


Grooming session !

4 thoughts on “Grooming session !

  1. from the look of bliss, I can only imagine how wonderful grooming sessions must feel. I would also think that this is as much about bonding as it is about grooming. If I remember on documentaries, the groomers get to eat whatever they catch. This is beautiful, Uthamz. ❤

    • Grooming one another among the monkeys , they say , has an important role in their social life.
      As you said , it certainly helps in bonding .
      And helps in reducing the pests in their hairy body .

      Animal interactions are interesting , Jackie .

      Thank you , so much !


    • 🙂 ! Thank you , Jet !
      It was an interesting scene , where one is totally relaxed and the other one is very much focused ! It showed their care and comradely interaction .
      Glad you liked it .


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