Clouscape over Lake Nakuru


Cloudscape over Lake Nakuru

10 thoughts on “Cloudscape over Lake Nakuru

  1. How vast this country is! This is beautiful and the sky looks smog free. I wonder, did you take this from a plane? This is breathtaking, Uthamz. πŸ™‚

    • May be because the industries are few .
      May be because the type of ” development ” we know , is yet to catch up .
      There is still some fresh air and clear atmosphere still left in that part f the world .

      A serene part of earth ! It was an awesome landscape .
      I am not sure whether the picture could show its real vastness.

      I shot it from a safari vehicle , Jackie . With a wide angle lens .

      Thank you .


    • It was an awesome scene , Allan !
      No camera can get its expanse in its full majesty in an image.
      I tried with a wide angle lens to get it.

      Thank you.


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