The Fishing Eagle


The Fishing Eagle

15 thoughts on “The Fishing Eagle

    • 🙂 ! As you should have already noticed , there is always an element of luck ,
      when beginners like us shoot. Don’t worry . Your next sighting will be fine !

      All the best, Bob and Rogene !

      Thank you


  1. Eagles have always been one of my favorite birds of prey and this, with his wings outstretched, is one of the best I’ve seen lately. Despite their fierce nature, I watched a video cam of eagle parents that softened my view. Both parents cared for and fed the little eaglets in the nest. I was very impressed. Your photo is lovely, Uthamz.

    • I started to shoot a series pictures when I saw the bird flying towards me , Jackie.
      Only a couple of them were good.
      I found it is not easy to get it in focus while in flight.
      I have to get more experience to get more good shots.

      It is always a pleasure watch these eagles – they have a impressive presence.

      Thank you , Jackie.


    • This is the only good one from a series of pictures I shot , when I saw it flying towards me.
      I found out that it is not easy to get these birds- in – flight pictures in sharp focus.

      Thank you , MR.


    • Thank you , Lulu.

      Oh , don’t worry.
      This is the first time I am getting a somewhat sharp picture of a bird in flight.
      And after soooooooo many attempts !
      Keep trying !
      You can get better picture !


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