When it’s hot , have a mud ‘ bath ‘ !

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md bath


4 thoughts on “When it’s hot , have a mud ‘ bath ‘ !

    1. Oh , Don’t try , even if you don’t have glasses ! 🙂 !
      You may have get medical help !

      Poor guy , mud is the only way to escape from sun as well as insects , for him !
      May be it is a beauty treatment as well !

      Thank you , PB ! 🙂 !


  1. These creatures are huge – and they take much mud with them. The mud serves a purpose, usually to protect and cool their skin. It looks like flies floating about; they can worry a poor animal to bits. I hope he didn’t get too close. 🙂 Thank you, Uthamz.

    1. The heat , there , is really terrible on sunny days , Jackie .
      Mud is the only way – It has no other choice to escape from the sun and insects .

      I was at safe distance . The image is thru’ tele zoom lens .
      Thank you , Jackie !


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