You are being watched !


You are being watched !

16 thoughts on “You are being watched !

    • Big cats are photogenic , have that ‘ presence ‘ and certainly favourites any day , any where !
      I too like them much.

      Thank you , Janet !


  1. How on earth did you get that great shot?! This is stunning! This leopard looks perfectly relaxed and taking the world in. Fantastic, Uthamz. ❤

    • It is very difficult to find this animal who most of time rests on branches of trees.
      There was a professional guide with our group. They know where to look for these animals.
      He spotted him and took us near the tree. – a pleasant surprise , indeed !

      Thank you , Jackie !


    • Certainly. ! This guy was watching a group zebras nearby .
      Suddenly , our guide found him and took us near him.
      He must have had a fresh idea !

      Thank you, Allan !


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