Masai Frames – 1

His name is John , I am not sure whether it is his real name . May be a name just for the visitors. He is the eldest son of the chief of the Masai village we visited. He stood there , beside the way to the village , waiting for us.

Against the clear sky and dull earth , his bright attire was eye-catching !


masai -1


12 thoughts on “Masai Frames – 1

    • Thank you so much.Masai lead a life quite close to the nature , without destroying the environment.
      Their culture and wisdom are interesting !
      Shall post a few more pictures , soon.
      Thanks , again !


  1. Utham you are one of the luckiest people I know, to go to all of these places and see and shoot all the subjects that you do. Unfortunately I cannot do these things, however I consider myself so lucky to have found you and to be able to see these magnificent world site through your eyes. Thank you Utham!

    • Ohh , don’t worry , Mitchell ! It is a big , big world with so much of beauty. .
      We have so much facilities today to see the wonderful world sitting at our home on TV or computer .
      Who knows , may be, some day in future , you will be able to go and see things yourself .
      Be happy ! Enjoy the facilities we have !

      Thank you.


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