Masai Frames – 4 !

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The next half an hour was full of music and dance
They sang songs in their language
– African native music and dance – raw yet lively .

They asked us to join them in the dance – what non-masais call ” jumping dance ” and it was fun !

We did not understand even a single word of the songs , but the tune,the actions and the gestures made us feel good .










11 thoughts on “Masai Frames – 4 !

    1. It has been an unforgettable visit , Kim .
      Some nice people with a different outlook on life .
      Thought we all should know about them.

      Thank you , Kim !


    1. They love bright reds and blues .
      May be something to do with the response of the wild animals , they encounter.

      Thank you , Marie , for the kind words.


  1. Reblogged this on Petchary's Blog and commented:
    I follow all kinds of blogs from various corners of the world. I am particularly fond of photography blogs. Here are just a few photos of Maasai men and women, with very few words. Pictures speak!

    1. They prefer bright colors – red or vibrant blue. It has something to do with the response of animals , especially big cats , to color.

      Thank you .


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