Dinosaur in Dubai Mall

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Dubai Mall is , perhaps , the largest mall in the world. There is an original skeleton of a 155 million years old dinosaur on display , in the mall . It was , originally discovered in Dana Quarry in Wyoming , USA , in 2008 and was air frighted to Dubai. It is 50 feet long and 25 feet high skeleton of a sprightly young adult !

It is named ‘ DubaiDino’ !



dinosaur in Dubai mall


10 thoughts on “Dinosaur in Dubai Mall

    1. Though it is155 million years old , it looks majestic , on display !
      The grandeur of the surroundings , amazing !

      Thank you.


    1. It is beautifully displayed , Janet !
      The light , the posture , the surroundings – whole atmosphere is amazing !

      Thank you.


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