Stripes . By Nature !

Animal world, B&W, Canon, Digital photography, Mono, Nature, Photography, Travel, Wildlife

stripes . by nature


6 thoughts on “Stripes . By Nature !

    1. 🙂 ! Oh , I don’t travel much . But , whenever I travel , I shoot lots of pictures .
      This was shot in Masai Mara , Kenya . A group of four zebras were grazing .
      I included only their bodies in the frame and converted into B & W .

      Glad you liked the image .
      Thank you .


    1. Four zebras were grazing in Masai Mara , Kenya.
      I composed the picture with their bodies alone in the frame .
      And converted to B&W , to remove all the color.
      Happy that you liked it !

      Thank you , Janet !


    1. Interesting patterns – these zebras have on their body !
      Glad you liked the attempt for abstract shot !

      Thank you , Kim !


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