The Great Migration – 1

The Great Wildebeest Migration , is one of the natural wonders of the world .
In ‘ marketing ‘ terms , it is ‘ The World cup of Wildlife ‘

In fact , it is an ongoing process – round the year , the herbivores moving in search of greener pastures ,
in the grasslands of East Africa – Serengeti National park in Tanzania and Masai Mara National park in Kenya.
It has multiple phenomena at work – of Evolution, Balance of Ecosystem , Circle of Life , Nature’s Food Chain – all –  at various levels , at varying extent  !


( picture : courtesy – The Safari Co. )

About 15 lakhs of wildebeest , 3 lakhs of zebra , 15000 elands and
many variety of antelope take part in migration.

From July to September , every year , these animals reach Masai Mara , in Kenya.
To go to the larger part of Masai Mara plains they have to cross the Mara river which has plenty of deadly Nile crocodiles.
Once they cross the river , they reach vast plains of grass lands again.
By October , as the rains start in Serengeti , they go back to Tanzania .
And the cycle goes on and on …

The movement of millions of animals – sometimes well coordinated , sometimes totally chaotic and
their frequent crossing of the Mara river are incredibly spectacular events –

No camera can record its magnificence .
No photographer can bring out its splendor in entirety.

We have to see the phenomenon with our own eyes.
We have to experience the suspense, the thrill and the drama of the events !

The pictures that will be posted in this blog – from tomorrow –  are just my efforts to record the process for the sake of the record .
The real feel of viewing the migration is much beyond words and pictures.


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