Looking out for the breakfast !


Looking out for the ‘ breakfast ‘ !

7 thoughts on “Looking out for the ‘ breakfast ‘ !

    • 🙂 ! Yes , within a couple of minutes , it could spot a gazelle , quite far away and it started running towards it .

      It is a thrilling experience to watch them , hunting for the prey .

      Thank you.


      • I also had a chance to see it in Namibia. It is a little more difficult for them because it is not as side open but it was still cool. I just posted the pix of my trip. BTW I love your photography and am really jealous of your experiences.

      • Thank you soooo much , for the kind words .Though I am just taking it up during my free time , I like the wild and the wild life much.
        As you know , there is a lot of luck involved in getting good wildlife shots . I have had my share a disappointment as well – several times .I just keep trying and and learn with every trip to the wild.

        Thanks again . Best wishes for a Happy and creative New Year !

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