kenyan boy


Portrait of a Kenyan Boy

9 thoughts on “Portrait of a Kenyan Boy

    • Thank you , Janet !
      Though I was focussing on the wild animals in Kenya , I interacted with lots of people and tried to know them.
      They are generally poor but have a great , impressive attitude on life .
      Shall post more pictures

      Thanks a lot !


  1. Lovely shot!
    The expression on his face was very well captured.
    Watch those eyes… I’m wondering what’s going through his mind.
    This shot has made the Kenyan boy a celebrity.
    Well done, Uthamz!

    • Thank you very much , Bunty , for the kind words and the advice .
      Certainly , I am slowly getting interested in fields other than wildlife in photography .
      Even when I was after the wildlife in Kenya , I did interact with a lot of people and tried know them.
      I was impressed by their simplicity and the great attitude they have on life.

      Shall , definitely , do more pictures on people .

      Thanks a lot ! 🙂 !


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