an african elephant


An African Elephant – Up Close

11 thoughts on “An African Elephant – Up Close

    • Elephants are lovable animals. I too like them .
      This one was slowly coming towards our vehicle ignoring our presence
      And African elephants are really magnificent .

      Thank you . 🙂 !


  1. Remarkable creatures, elephants, and your shot catches their unique majesty and ‘old soul-ness’ beautifully. I’m reading a wonderful book by the widow of the famed David Sheldrick, who did so much for the wild elephant population in Kenya. Love your photo. Blessings, Harula x

    • Thank you , Harula .
      Despite all efforts , still a lot of elephants are killed in Kenya for ivory.
      So are rhinos. That is sad reality.
      The efforts have to go on , perhaps with greater efficiency.

      Happy that you liked the picture.
      Thank you so much .


  2. So wrinkly, is she old? Reminds me of the commercial for pantyhose when I was younger. Look that lady has wrinkly ankles like an elephant. I never really noticed their faces were lined with creases. Amazing photo.

    • Wrinkles are there even in the young elephant calves.
      They increase in extent and depth as they grow up.
      The wrinkles, they say , increase the the surface area of the skin ,
      which helps in dissipation of heat in hot African summer
      and helps the animal in cooling off.

      These creases and wrinkles were more clear as it came close to us .
      They were not that obvious when it stood far away.

      Thank you .
      Glad that you enjoyed the picture.


    • Thank you , Graham .
      Thanks – a lot !

      I , too , preferred the black and white version .
      The color picture did not seem to have the effect in bringing out the details and the texture .


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